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Vehicle Delivery Services across North America

Toronto Drive-Away Service (Nationwide) Inc. specializes in efficient and affordable vehicle delivery across provinces, states and even international borders! If you’re interested in driving one of our clients’ vehicles to or from a particular destination, we want to know! Drivers must be 30 or older with valid license and identification. Drivers must maintain and preserve a clean driving record and provide professional references. If you have you have a criminal record, do not waste your time or ours as you will not be allowed to drive for us.

Drivers must also be able to provide a deposit (cash, Visa or MasterCard). The amount of the deposit varies depending on where and when you wish to drive. You must be able to comfortably finance your trip as you do not receive your reimbursement until you deliver the vehicle successfully.

Our Clients Expect the Best & We Deliver It

Vehicle owners trust you to take good care of their vehicles and personal effects. We expect you to respect this trust by always driving carefully and keeping the car’s interior in a clean condition. Usually, our clients use the trunks of their cars to store their luggage and personal items. Consequently, only 2 people can be in the car while it is en route to its destination as the backseat is also reserved for additional client storage.

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